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I would recommend David he always sorts out my computer for me and is patient, nothing is to much bother, it’s a pity he lives so far away!!

He’s a life saver! Well, he didn’t actually save my life but you know what I mean. Highly recommended.

I’ve tried a lot of IT blokes. But I want to say that David is really number one. High-level technical support, easy to contact , extensive knowledge, a well polished car. He seems to turn up whenever I put the kettle on.

David always provides a speedy response and deals with any problem, however large or small. He got all my devices synced, including Bluetooth in my car. Also sorted out my new smart TV. Can’t recommend him highly enough.

David was recommended by a friend as a good guy to sort out my lap top. That was a couple of years ago and I’ve not had to call on him since… Good value or what!

if it’s a wet afternoon get David to install “Windows 10” and enliven your day with the highlights of a new operating system; a truly all-in-one service, even a complimentary brush for the keyboard!


David dealt with my Broadband provider when I had lost patience with them, he got it sorted out and now they are scared of him ringing.

David provided us with great service and was very helpful every time we had a query. He provides a quick, efficient service and it is good to have local IT support by someone who appreciates the problems we have with connectivity in this area.

David is super helpful and quick to respond. Sometimes he likes to be paid in Pork Chops. I highly recommend his IT support services.

David Who?

David, fixed my DVD player, my Printer, my Laptop, my Stairlift, he declined when I asked him to cut the grass but otherwise, he’s a good egg!

Computers are great but only when everything works well – so if you have a computer problem, send for David as he is the best person to sort things out! He is easy to work with and will answer all your questions.

I had only recently gone biro when I met David, now all my tech works efficiently. David has left me with no excuses to avoid replying to email and texts from people I don’t like or can’t be bothered with, in short, don’t employ this man if you want to remain in the Dark.

Thanks David for coping with one of the world’s greatest technophobes, being so patient with my ignorance and overcoming my fears of the updates.

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